Policies and Procedures Workbook by Annie Frisbie

Policies and Procedures Workbook

You know you need a Policies and Procedures manual, but the process can be intimidating and that’s why I’ve created this workbook just for lactation private practice. 

Customers say...

“When I sent the policies and procedures workbook that I had made into my own to my lawyer he was blown away by how it was worded and looked, and I definitely gave credit to Annie for all the legal wording!”

Leigh Ann O'Neill, MLC, IBCLC of Open-Hearted Lactation LLC
“I now have a completed Policy and Procedures Manual. It is possible I may tweak a thing or other here and there but you made this PAINLESS and SO FAST. I had this done in just about an hour total work time!! As someone that has been responsible for creating, from scratch, policy and procedure manuals in another industry, I can not tell you how much I APPRECIATE this amazing service you are providing!! I feel so GROWN UP!!!”
Rebeca Four, IBCLC

Policies & Procedures Without Tears

Inside this Workbook, you’ll find wording to cover many of the common policies and procedures that lactation consultants encounter. You can use this language to build your own personalized manual, where you’ll describe how your practice works. If you partner with another IBCLC, hire an employee, or contract with an intern, you’ll share this document so that you’ll have consistency in place from the very start. You’ll refer to your Policies and Procedures manual when facing challenges, and you’ll add to it when you discover issues that need to be systematized. You can even use your policies as a springboard for a consent for care document. 

Think of this Workbook as a tool that you’ll use to define your practice in a manner that is practical and ethical. In other words, you’re creating a deeply personal document that may have legal implications for you, and you're recommended to show your final product to an attorney. There’s no template anyone can make for that, but this Workbook is designed to get you most of the way there.

I know creating your Policies and Procedures manual is a daunting task, and you know you have to do it, so have this Workbook hold your hand. You can do this!

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About Annie Frisbie

Annie Frisbie has served hundreds of families since becoming an IBCLC in 2011. Her mission is to empower IBCLCs to transform their private practice to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve client communications, and cultivate career longevity through her deeply researched yet accessible books, tools, and services.