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Each Deeper Dive is 60+ minutes of discussion around private lactation practice topics.

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2020 Live Calendar
Deeper Dive into Private Practice with Rachel O’Brien 10/21/20
Deeper Dive into Growth with Rachel Carey-McElwaney 11/18/20
Deeper Dive into Taking a Break with Jabina Coleman
2020 Recordings
Deeper Dive into Imposter Syndrome [January 2020]
(1h 00m 55s)
Deeper Dive into Business Setup [February 2020]
(1h 00m 12s)
Deeper Dive into COVID-19 with Kristin Cavuto [March 2020]
(1h 44m 21s)
Deeper Dive into Charting [April 2020]
(1h 11m 24s)
Deeper Dive into Care Plans [May 2020]
(1h 05m 55s)
Deeper Dive into Doctor Reports [June 2020]
56 mins
Deeper DIve into Compassion Fatigue with Kristin Cavuto, LCSW, IBCLC [July 2020]
59 mins
Deeper Dive into Self Care with Brandie Mitchell BSN, RN, NC-BC [August 2020]
(1h 05m 13s)
Deeper Dive into Productivity with Amber McCue
(1h 01m 56s)
Deeper Dive in to Private Practice with Rachel O'Brien
60 mins
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