Templates & Training: IntakeQ by Annie Frisbie

Templates & Training: IntakeQ

Complete step-by-step training for using IntakeQ in a lactation consultant practice. Includes access to custom intake and charting templates created especially for lactation practice. 

What's included?

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How to use this module
About IntakeQ
Sign up for IntakeQ
How to get my forms
Usage Permissions & Copyright
IntakeQ & Telehealth
Module 1: Intro and Settings
Access & Pricing
Setting configuration
Payment and Billing Settings
1.1 Configuring your settings.mov
14 mins
1.2 Additional Settings.mov
13 mins
1.3 Email Confirmation.mov
2 mins
Module 2: Creating Forms
About Forms
Lactation consent for care (attorney reviewed)
2.1 Consent Forms.mov
11 mins
2.3 Note Templates for Charting.mov
24 mins
Adding additional fields to the care plan template
2.4 Weight Chart.mov
2 mins
2.5 Creating Forms from Scratch.mov
11 mins
2.6 Adding Consents to Forms.mov
2 mins
2.2 Intake Forms.mov
25 mins
Module 3: Bookings Settings
Setting up your schedule summary
How to use the swipe files
3.1 Locations and Services.mov
18 mins
3.2 Payments and Settings.mov
10 mins
3.3 Emails.mov
12 mins
3.4 Booking Widget.mov
5 mins
3.5 Appointment Request and Confirmation.mov
5 mins
3.6 Add Time + Block Time.mov
2 mins
3.7 Telehealth.mov
2 mins
Follow up policy email swipe file
Day after email with general resources swipe file
Preparing for a home visit swipe file
Follow up visit swipe file
Client satisfaction survey swipe file
Perinatal mood disorder (PMAD) swipe file
post birth warning signs swipe file
Virtual consult swipe file
Telehealth reminder swipe file
Module 4: Client Intake
Intake summary
Mapping support article
4.1 Setting up client charts.mov
11 mins
4.2 Setting up the weight chart.mov
5 mins
4.3 Setting up charts for multiples.mov
5 mins
Module 5: Charting
Charting summary
5.1 Charting a consult.mov
25 mins
5.2 Charting multiples.mov
2 mins
Sending a care plan summary
Sending a doctor's report summary
Pinned Notes support article
Sample snippets
What if I don't see my pinnings?
Module 6: Invoicing
Self pay client summary
6.2 Invoice and superbills.mov
3 mins
6.1 Invoice setup.mov
3 mins
Module 7: Insurance
Insurance client summary
Office Ally integration instructions
Creating a CMS form in IntakeQ
All about insurance billing for lactation
7.1 Claims.mov
12 mins
Creating claims for baby
Module 8: Extras
Secure messaging summary
8.1 Tasks.mov
4 mins
8.2 Files.mov
2 mins
8.3 Credit Cards and Recurring Payments.mov
2 mins

About Annie Frisbie

Annie Frisbie has served hundreds of families since becoming an IBCLC in 2011. Her mission is to empower IBCLCs to transform their private practices to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve client communications, and cultivate career longevity through her deeply researched yet accessible books, tools, and services.