Group Practice Contracts by Annie Frisbie

Group Practice Contracts

If you’re looking to hire other lactation consultants or breastfeeding workers to perform clinical or educational services on behalf of your company, or if you need to hire an admin or biller to help you keep track of it all, then these attorney-reviewed contract templates will give you what you need to get your necessary agreements in place. Suitable for use in the US & Canada.

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Group Practice Contract-Lactation Consultant (US).docx
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Group Practice Contracts-Admin or Biller (US).docx
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Subcontractor Agreement Admin (Canada).docx
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Subcontractor Agreement Lactation (Canada).docx
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About Annie Frisbie

Annie Frisbie has served hundreds of families since becoming an IBCLC in 2011. Her mission is to empower IBCLCs to transform their private practice to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve client communications, and cultivate career longevity through her deeply researched yet accessible books, tools, and services.