[Recorded] Deeper Dive into Productivity with Amber McCue by Annie Frisbie

[Recorded] Deeper Dive into Productivity with Amber McCue

Starts Sep 16, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT

Purchase the recording of our 1-hour chat with Planathon creator, productivity expert and business coach Amber McCue

We learned about goal shifting, following $100 bills, and how to stop driving so many cars. And we also left with tangible takeaways about how to make the most of our time when time to be productive seems in short supply.
Each month, Lactation Business Coaching hosts a Deeper Dive into a private practice topic. 

We invite in experts from inside and outside the lactation field and have a one-hour chat on topics like:
  • compassion fatigue
  • imposter experience
  • growing your private practice
  • self care
  • money
  • productivity
  • and more!

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You'll also have the chance to join us live and be a part of the conversation with Annie Frisbie IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC, cohosts of the Lactation Business Coaching podcast.

About Lactation Business Coaching

Lactation Business Coaching is a joint venture of Annie Frisbie IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC providing coaching, training, mentoring, and resources for private practice lactation consultants who are IBCLCs or on the path to becoming IBCLCs. Our podcast for lactation professionals covers topics like imposter syndrome, burnout, charting and reporting, financial management, and other issues of interest for lactation consultants who are also small business owners. 

Combining Annie's knack for tech, Leah's enthusiasm for marketing, and their shared love of lactation science and ethical entrepreneurship, each episode gives listeners inspiration, recommendations, and specific steps to take to create their own compassionate and professional private practice.