About Simple Practice

Simple Practice is a platform designed for mental health professionals in private practice, and can be customized to support lactation. It works best on a laptop and must be connected to WiFi; the associated app can handle simple functions but cannot manage a full client workflow.

Many pages in Simple Practice have a link to a popup training video for that screen. These are extremely useful. The Help button in the lower left brings you to help articles that are related to the page you are viewing.

Simple Practice is the most visually appealing of any of the EHR platforms reviewed in this ebook. It is clean and well organized, and the client-side features are easy to use. They offer lactation-specific templates that you can further customize to your own specifications.

Here’s what you will need to run Simple Practice as a paperless platform:
  • Laptop computer or tablet with bluetooth keyboard 
  • Internet browser
  • WiFi connection, data plan, or mobile hotspot

Training: Simple Practice

Complete step-by-step walkthrough to get your practice set up on Simple Practice, a comprehensive workflow for a typical client, and power user tips and strategies. 

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