Join two of the founders of a NYC-based IBCLC mentoring organization, the Lactation Learning Collective, for an in-depth look at the why’s and how’s of mentoring the next generation of IBCLCs.  Learn about IBLCE’s requirements and how to smooth the process and make it fulfilling for both mentees and yourself.  Don’t be shy!  You can be a mentor that our profession so truly needs.  

  • Explore the importance of providing mentorship as an IBCLC.  This section will explore the benefits to: growing the profession in numbers and diversity, the individuals serving as mentors, and those who are mentees.
  • Understand the mentorship process. IBLCE’s requirements for Pathway 3 mentorship will be explained. 
  • Participants will learn how to create a multi-faceted and individualized experience for mentees, while also addressing how to incorporate mentorship into their private practice.

LPPEC Track 4: Growing Your Lactation Practice

  • 3.5 L-CERPs
  • 6     E-CERPs
  • 2.5 R-CERPs

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