Katy Linda, IBCLC is a Private Practice IBCLC in Central Maryland. With nearly 15 years of supporting breastfeeding families under her belt, she has a passion for normalizing breastfeeding and supporting parents in their journey.

With a special interest in complex feeding situations, Katy has sought out extra training in a variety of modalities. Katy teaches classes for new and expectant parents, facilitates regular support groups, and provides personalized infant feeding support including prenatal education, breastfeeding/chestfeeding struggles, pumping and returning to work. She also teaches the next generation of IBCLCs with an active internship program.

"As an IBCLC who started in the breastfeeding realm as a store owner, managing to keep my retail business while also providing excellent care to my clients has always been important to me.  Finding ways to provide products ethically to clients was a top priority."

LPPEC Track 4: Growing Your Lactation Practice (12.5 CERPs)

This track has been approved for 12.5 total CERPs:
  • 6.25 L-CERPs
  • 5.25 E-CERPs
  • 1 R-CERPs

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