Lactation Business Coaching is a joint venture of Annie Frisbie IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC providing coaching, training, mentoring, and resources for private practice lactation consultants who are IBCLCs or on the path to becoming IBCLCs. Our podcast for lactation professionals covers topics like imposter syndrome, burnout, charting and reporting, financial management, and other issues of interest for lactation consultants who are also small business owners. 

Combining Annie's knack for tech, Leah's enthusiasm for marketing, and their shared love of lactation science and ethical entrepreneurship, each episode gives listeners inspiration, recommendations, and specific steps to take to create their own compassionate and professional private practice. 

Annie and Leah also offer conference and workshop presentations on private practice topics.

About Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC:
Annie Frisbie is the author of Paperless Private Practice for Lactation Consultants and Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong. She is the creator of the Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit and a self-professed privacy and technology nerd.

About Leah Jolly IBCLC:
Leah has a thriving group practice in Houston, TX and runs a lactation clinic through a pediatric office. She presents regularly on breastfeeding and lactation to families and professionals, and has launched corporate lactation programs for several large companies in the Houston area.

We both have group practices and love collaborating with other IBCLCs!

LPPEC Track 4: Growing Your Lactation Practice

This track is approved for 11.25 CERPs:

6.25 L-CERPs
4.25 E-CERPs

1 additional module is pending CERPs based on the final program length. We anticipate it will be at least 1 R-CERP.

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