Leah Jolly, IBCLC is the owner of a thriving group practice in Houston, TX and runs a lactation clinic through a pediatric office. She presents regularly on breastfeeding and lactation to families and professionals, and facilitates corporate lactation programs for several large corporation in the Houston area.

"Expanding my business beyond just myself and my partner was scary at first but has proven to be a tipping point for our sustained growth and success. Over my 9 years in business I have had many opportunities to bring on "helpers" in different capacities. Building this support network for myself has helped me keep my focus on the things I do best, being and IBCLC, and allowed me to learn to delegate those tasks I am not skilled in or passionate about!" 

LPPEC Track 4: Growing Your Lactation Practice

This track is approved for 11.25 CERPs:

6.25 L-CERPs
4.25 E-CERPs

1 additional module is pending CERPs based on the final program length. We anticipate it will be at least 1 R-CERP.

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