This course will provide the practical information and instructions you need to challenge your biases in yourself and your practice.  It will include case studies on practitioner bias, how to know when you have made a bias related mistake, and sample scripts for how to take responsibility and make amends when you cause harm through bias. This course will leave you with the tools you need to continue the life long process of becoming a less biased and more aware practitioner and person. 

  • The learner will be able to identify the ways in which their bias can affect their ability to provide client care. 
  • The learner will learn the importance of listening to clients and colleagues who have experienced bias, and incorporating what they learn in their practice. 
  • The learner will gain the ability to recover from a bias related mistake in practice and provide appropriate client care in its aftermath. 

LPPEC Track 4: Growing Your Lactation Practice (12.5 CERPs)

This track has been approved for 12.5 total CERPs:
  • 6.25 L-CERPs
  • 5.25 E-CERPs
  • 1 R-CERPs

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